Some say that he sleeps
in his soccer boots

Who is soccerman ...

The Soccerman Sports program is an exciting and fun fitness experience that helps children to develop essential physical and social skills in a fun and safe play based learning environment.

Some of the skills the children will learn include team work, sharing, patience, listening, concentration, counting and of course co-ordination and fitness skills.

The children will develop gross motor skills and learn basic soccer skills such as left and right foot co- ordination, dribbling, passing and receiving and shooting skills.

Our mission is to also encourage basic healthy habits and behaviours such as eating their fruit and vegetables, washing their hands, going to bed early, being kind to each other, saying please and thank you, to name just a few.

The coaches incorporate these ideas by capitivating and retaining the attention of the children with imaginative games that help them learn important skills and behaviours.

We hold regular soccer sessions 1 to 2 days a week at most of the centres. The sessions run for approximately 30 mins.

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